Sunday, November 4, 2012

Field Trip to the Bakery - Oct 2012

Kids met the Bakerman and enjoyed their snacks from the Bakery

In the bus - on the way to the Bakery

Yummy snacks

Mouth Watering snacks

Can't wait to eat!

Looking smart

Wow... looking big and tall

Nice Pose!

With Teacher

With Teachers

With Teachers

Enjoying the ride in the bus

Meeting the Bakerman

What a beautiful yummy cake

Ordering the snacks

Ordering the snacks

Interacting with the bakerman

Interacting with the bakerman

Nice pose!

Wow... taking a tour of the Bakery

All smiles..

No touching! Only looking

Standing in line...

Finishing the tour of the Bakery

Getting ready to order their snacks after the tour of the Bakery

Waiting for their snacks

Making friends while waiting

Waiting with their teacher

Hurray!!! Snacks being served!

Getting off the bus at their destination

Yummy yummy pizza

Everyone enjoying the pizza

Sitting with friends and eating

Finger licking good pizza

Enjoying pizza and cookies

Wow... lovely mehendi on little hands

Sitting in groups... enjoying the pizza

Busy eating pizza and cookies

Yiiiippppeeeee!!! They have reached the Bakery

Enjoying yummy yummy

Almost done...

Finishing up...

Finishing up...

yummy yummy yummy two friends enjoying

Teacher helping to eat

Teacher assisting in Feeding

Good job finishing the snacks

Good job... taking a big BITE!

Beautiful arrangement of cakes

Caesars Bakery

Beautiful arrangement of confectionary

Good job finishing up your snacks kids

Cleaning up

Getting some more snacks

Getting back in line to board the bus after the trip to the Bakery

Getting back on the Bus

Getting back on the Bus after the trip to the Bakery

Getting in line to enter the Bakery

Getting in line to enter the Bakery

Group Photo outside the Bakery

Little Angel British Nursery Sharjah - Field Trip to the Bakery - Oct 2012

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